So I am trying to catch up with my blog... again, again and again... Unfortunately I am not being successful at all! Meanwhile I took so many photos, made so many toys, plants (and even pants!) and travelled to lots of places... so maybe one day I will blog about all these fun things without a dramatic time delay. For now I am just posting some timeless pics, because I have no idea where to start catching up with the time :)))

*small prints selection - you can get your own here

* pile of baby clothes my baby keeps growing out

*hearts and plants - my constant obsession

** If you still did not see this lovely gift guide from my other close-to-my-heart-project - please take a look!


Exactly one year ago I got an idea to create a community of European designers, artists and crafters, who make things for kids. Unexpectedly for me this community has grown very fast and at the moment has more than 350 members! So today we are celebrating our first birthday and have a sale on etsy with a coupon code "eksale".

You can find more information about this sale on facebook.

To get to know more about the European Kids community please visit our etsy team page, facebook, blog and pinterest.

*I made this snail last year for my son's playgroup L'Escargot and unfortunately still did not find time to make more. 


We just came back to France and I am sitting surrounded but numerous bags (without any wish for unpacking) drinking a fennel tee and thinking why not to share with you some nice baby finds?

1. YarningMade 2. pilosale 3. FlorencePerrin 4. pellerinadesign


cosy new year

We are spending our Christmas holidays in the Southern Germany in the most relaxing manner, enjoying somewhat foggy-rainy-sunny wheather, hundreds of German Christmas cookies, family games, long talks about kniting, first smiles of our baby and musical improvisations of our three-years-old.

I wish you a very happy and cosy New Year!

*The end of the year was soooo busy that I only manage to make one handmade Christmas gift - which was a sheep and was ment to be for my mother-in-law. It is a slight modification of this pattern which was fun and easy to make.


in the fog

* foggy greetings from Divonne Les Bains

The last couple of weeks were really foggy and I love it a lot (though this does not really bring you in the Christmas mood). Unfortunately I managed to take photos only once (being so busy with my little guys!).